With over 25 years of experience our proactive team can provide you with the following services:

  • Company

    • Company Formation, management and administration in Gibraltar and worldwide.
    • Provision of registered office.
    • Secretarial and Fiduciary Services.
    • Any changes within the company's structure.
    • Filing of relevant documentations with the Companies Registry.
    • Re- Domiciliation's in and out of Gibraltar.
    • Preparation of Company accounts.
    • Mail forwarding.
    • Telephone & Fax Facilities.
  • Residency/CAT-II

    Gibraltar residency with capped tax for wealthy individuals and their families. Property and Relocation services available.


    • Gibraltar operates a low tax regime including a tax residency scheme for individuals with net assets in excess of 2m.
    • No VAT, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax & no gift tax.
    • Interest from accounts held with licensed banks or building societies as well as dividends arising from companies quoted on a recognized stock exchange, are not taxable in Gibraltar.
    • Currency is the Gibraltar pound which is at par with UK sterling.
    • The applicant, and family, must have private medical cover.
    • The spouse or child of a Category 2 individual may elect to benefit from the terms of the same certificate.
    • There is a non-refundable Application fee of 1,000.
    Legislation Tax
    • Applied to first 80,000 of taxable income only.
    • For example, at 2016/17 Allowance Based Tax rates 27,560 is payable.
    Prohibited activies

    The individual must undertake not to engage in any trade, business or employment in Gibraltar other than duties incidental to any trade, business or employment based outside Gibraltar.

    Doing Business in Gibraltar

    In the interim, as a general rule, Category 2 individuals are now permitted to invest in or do business in Gibraltar so long as any assessable income is subject to taxation. However, the specifics of the business activities need to be brought to the attention of the Finance Centre Director Prior to application

    Length of stay

    There is no specific legal requirement as regards the length of stay in any particular year. The Category 2 individual cannot have been resident in Gibraltar during the five years immediately preceding the year of assessment. Category 2 status is granted on an indefinite basis and requires endorsement at the end of each three year period.

    Property requirement
    • The individual is required to either purchase or rent an appropriate standard apartment in Gibraltar and have it available for his or her exclusive use throughout the year.
    • The applicant is required to submit a 'Residential Accommodation Approval' form for approval by the Finance Centre Director.

    The applicant is required to submit two character references from recognised and established professionals (one of which must be from a bank and the other from a law or accountancy firm), a copy of his or her passport, a curriculum vitae and proof of his financial standing.

  • Yacht Registration

    Gibraltar registry and Radio license. No VAT, or Tax on vessels not based in Gibraltar

  • Notary, Commissioner for Oaths, Lawyers, Accountants

    We cover and arrange all your needs; Notarisation and Legalisation of documents Apostille and Translations. Legal and Accounting requirements

  • Last Will and Testaments

    Peace of mind and security for you and your family.